Whether you have one AED or multiple AEDs, keeping up with their maintenance can be overwhelming. Often
with the time constraints of your day, remembering to maintain your AEDs may be pushed down on your To Do
List. Let TEAM LIFE take the worry out of managing your AED program. TEAM LIFE is now offering several
service plan options that are tailored to your specific needs.


TEAM LIFE’s Bronze Service Plan

Along with on‐going Team Life White Glove Service, you will also have access to MyAEDs. MyAEDs is a web‐based program that will assist you in maintaining up‐to‐date records including the location of your AEDs, the expiration dates of your pads and batteries as well as monthly email reminders to check your AED equipment. For those of you who thrive on organization, MyAEDs will ensure on‐going compliance of your AED program.


TEAM LIFE’s Silver Service Plan

This plan is essential for customers who rely on automatic reminders and automatic shipment of replacement parts when needed. Our Silver Plan provides all the benefits of the Bronze Plan but goes one step further with automatic shipment. Within 30 days prior to expiration, TEAM LIFE will automatically ship your AED Pads and immediately following the warranty ending, TEAM LIFE will automatically ship your AED Battery, without any action needed by you.

Service Plans Service Plans
Included with your plan:
Team Life White Glove Service
-> Medical Oversight
-> AED Prescription
-> Rescue Ready (Pre‐Delivery Set‐Up)
-> Register AED with the Manufacturer
-> Unlimited Technical Support
-> Loaner Program ‐ If for any reason your AED is not Rescue Ready (during the AEDs' Warranty Period) and our staff cannot diagnose the problem over the phone, a loaner AED will be sent to you so your unit can be sent out for repair
-> Data Download Assistance
-> Exterior battery expiration sticker
-> Software update notification
-> Problem solving and diagnosis
-> Ongoing Support from TEAM LIFE Staff
-> Annual Subscription to MyAEDs
-> Web‐based user login interface
-> Hierarchy of users from program mgmt. to site coordinators
-> Receive monthly email reminder to check AED equipment
-> Track and receive critical AED updates
-> Track and be notified of pads and/or battery expiration(s)
-> Log and record monthly checks and AED equipment
Automatic Shipment of Adult AED Pads (within 30 days prior to expiration)
Automatic Shipment of AED Battery (within 30 days prior to expiration)
Biennial On‐Site Service Visit
-> Face to Face On Site Meeting with Customer
-> Inspection of AED
-> Verification that AED is Compliant
-> Face to Face Q&A