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CPR App Technology

In a day and age where technology is at ones finger tips, a CPR app is available to help save lives. This app is free to those trained in CPR and will notify them of when a close by emergency may need assistance. While a paramedic is on route, a first responder such as someone with a CPR app can save a life. Up until now, someone not in sight of the emergency would not be able to assist. Now you can be in the building next door, shopping or having lunch and be notified that someone in the neighboring building or within walking distance needs your help. This greatly increases the victim’s chance of survival.

Great Features of a CPR App

Another great feature of a CPR app is that it will notify the responder of the location of a public defibrillator. When someone has a heart attack, every minute counts. Having the knowledge of where to find a defibrillator can be critical. Using a defibrillator can allow normal heart rhythm to be reestablished, giving paramedics a great chance of helping the victim.

The CPR app works by a 911 dispatcher coding in a CPR emergency into the computer system. This system will notify those who have signed up for the app if they are in the general area of the emergency. This is an added benefit to everyone. Not that long ago 911 was not available for emergencies and now we not only have paramedics on route within minutes or seconds of an emergency but anyone trained to assist is now notified if they have the appropriate app.

A New CPR App

The new CPR application came about because of a real emergency that occurred. During this emergency, trained medical and emergency personnel were next door having lunch. They were not personally notified of the emergency but rather noticed an ambulance pulling up next door. The emergency personnel had a defibrillator in their car. They were all trained on emergency response and CPR. This started the thought process, if there was a way of notifying anyone trained in CPR, the staff that was right next door could have responded faster to the emergency. A person needing assistance would not have to wait until an ambulance arrived to receive the time sensitive care they needed.

Life is so precious and in a medical emergency time is critical. The CPR application is now available for free and is going national in the future. Anyone trained in CPR will have a greater chance of saving a life. Any app that provides a user with helpful lifesaving information is useful. If you like the idea of being able to save someone in an emergency, but do not want to be relied upon as a responder, then there are other CPR apps available that are simply instructional. These apps provide text instructions, voice instructions and can also provide short videos on how to perform the technique in an emergency situation.

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