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Medical Training App, Additional Learning Opportunities

A medical training app is a great way to learn much needed medical skills online in your own home. You are able to use a medical training app if you really want to learn a lot about your medical education from home without going into a library or working... Read More

Survival Stories

TEAM LIFE adds Survival Stories to our Blog. Check in to read exciting current CPR/AED rescues happening everywhere!  Read More

Anyone Can Be A Hero

Our Blog now also contains current information and articles about cardiac arrest we think you may find interesting. Subscribe to the blog and keep your knowlegde current with interesting news and feel free to add your own thought and experiences with... Read More

IPhone CPR App a Real Life Saving App for That

There is a common phrase that states that “there’s an app for that” in reference to just about anything that you are look for. This phrase was commonly associated with iPhones. It’s was only supposed to be humorous, but it’s... Read More

Everyone Should Have a First Aid App on Their Phone

No one plans on an accident, but they are part of life. They happen to everyone and can come at the most unlikely times. Planning ahead, in order to be ready for one of these unfortunate events can be the difference between life and death. Taking a first... Read More

CPR App Technology

In a day and age where technology is at ones finger tips, a CPR app is available to help save lives. This app is free to those trained in CPR and will notify them of when a close by emergency may need assistance. While a paramedic is on route, a first... Read More

Blackberry CPR App: Medical Assistance from Your Phone

Everyone takes a CPR class at least once in order to get through school, and many people have to take additional certification because they work in the medical field, the prison system or dozens of other jobs where you have to know what to do in an emergency... Read More

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