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Blackberry CPR App: Medical Assistance from Your Phone

Everyone takes a CPR class at least once in order to get through school, and many people have to take additional certification because they work in the medical field, the prison system or dozens of other jobs where you have to know what to do in an emergency situation. Of course, like any knowledge, if you aren’t regularly refreshing your skills with CPR, when the critical moment comes you’re quite likely to forget everything you knew. Fortunately there’s an app for that, as there is now a Blackberry CPR app to guide you through the process.

Blackberry CPR App a Simple Concept that Saves Lives

The Blackberry CPR app is actually a fairly simple concept when you get down to it. The app is a basic refresher course that acts as something of an emergency cheat sheet, helping you make sure that you’re performing CPR correctly and giving you that last minute instruction. A Blackberry CPR app might read out loud to you, counting off the information that you need, or it might show you video of how you’re supposed to perform CPR on any given person in any given circumstance. All you need to do is have the app ready at hand so that when you need it you can bring it up quickly.

Which Blackberry CPR App is the Best?

There are a variety of different CPR apps for the Blackberry, and the price for the app will vary depending on who put it out and how in depth it goes. For instance, an app with full video and voice may be more expensive than one that’s just a textbook instruction manual, but you could also set the former down and listen whereas with the latter you’d have to read through the information. Time can be of the essence when it comes down to someone that needs CPR, so if you’re serious about your app there’s no reason to skimp to save a handful of change.

And while CPR may have been first on the list, as it’s a skill that many people need help with in time of crisis, it is far from the only emergency medical app that’s out on the Blackberry market place. For instance there are apps that can tell you what to do in case of burns, broken bones or any other common emergency that you might come across in your day to day. After all, even if you thought you knew what to do, it never hurts to double check before you proceed to try and help.

If there’s one app that everyone should have on their Blackberry, it’s a Blackberry CPR app. No, one app does something as important as saving a life. Downloading a CPR app could literally keep someone from dying from a cardiac episode, choking or drowning and in all likelihood; the person that you could save is someone you know. Download a CPR app today.

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