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Android CPR App Improving Lives

Technological advancements are improving every area of our lives and CPR training is just one of them. The new Android CPR app is available now for a free download to your Android phone. The potentially life-saving videos are easy to download and equally easy to use. There are several videos as well as a number of illustrations. The animations provide excellent and useful methods to follow. The production of the app was made possible because of many who were convinced that more lives will be saved as more people become knowledgeable about what to do in emergency life-threatening situations.

This Android CPR App can save lives and should be on every phone

The emergency care app provides easy to follow instructions with helpful narration that will assist people to be quick and confident in their response to emergencies. Besides immediate emergency care directions, the app also offers a resource guide with a wide selection of other health care and emergency information. This guide provides helpful information on more than fifty common emergencies.

Helpful guides, important information and lifesaving techniques all in one handy app

Information for appropriate protocol in emergency health situations was developed and reviewed by knowledgeable educational and medical participants. Only when this information met with the approval of these people was the Android CPR app adapted. The information, when accompanied by video, gives clear and easy to follow steps that can be followed confidently and appropriately by anyone. For the more complicated techniques such as unconscious choking and CPR, instructions are included. Guidelines are given for infant, child and adult CPR. Also included is the convenient counter for real time CPR compressions.

An Android CPR App approved and improved by medically trained personnel

This Android app also offers a 911 dialing procedure that automatically launches location information on a map which is active while the 911 call is on. Users of the innovative application can have personal emergency contact information available at all times. Materials can be accessed quickly through voice recognition.

Make a difference in someone’s life with a single Android CPR App

This app is absolutely invaluable. Not only could it mean the difference between life and death in an emergency situation, but the information on the app is helpful in non-emergency settings. Whenever you find yourself waiting, the instructions on the app can help you be prepared and ready even before you encounter the emergency. Using this app is just like that a refresher course in CPR training. However, the Android CPR app has been especially designed for use by the general public and is not an appropriate substitute for a complete CPR and first aid training course.

No one ever knows when they will suddenly be put in an emergency life and death circumstance. Be prepared and confident with the help you will receive from a user-friendly Android CPR app.

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